Physician Malpractice Insurance

Physician Malpractice Insurance

Medical malpractice insurance is a type of liability insurance which helps protect physicians against accusations of wrongful practices. Malpractice insurance can help protect a physician accused of causing bodily harm, property damage, major medical expenses, or wrongful death. This is critical - the American Medical Association has shown that more than 60% of all physicians aged 55 or older have faced at least 1 lawsuit. A general physician can be expected to pay anywhere between $8,000 and $50,000 per year on medical malpractice insurance. Capson helps reduce these costs for physicians by streamlining the underwriting and enrollment process. Capson services both physician groups as well as individual medical malpractice policies. Complete our online enrollment process in just a few minutes and obtain customized, full coverage within 48 hours, rather than the standard 2 weeks.

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Types of Medical Malpractice Insurance for Physicians

There are three main types of malpractice insurance for physicians:

  1. Claims-Made - an insurance policy which covers events that happen only during the time of your policy.
  2. Occurrence - an insurance policy that covers claims that happened when you had the policy, even if the event itself is filed after your policy ends.
  3. Claims-Paid - an insurance policy which only covers claims paid during the period of the policy.

What is Included in the Coverage

Much of Capson's group and individual medical malpractice insurance coverage deals with a range of expenses. This can include medical damage costs, compensatory and punitive damages, court costs, settlement and arbitration costs, attorney fees, and more. Your coverage also includes dedicated account managers and underwriters at Capson. These team members are readily available to resolve any issues regarding your coverage. Our early conflict resolution program helps prevent conflicts from escalating into claims in the first place, protecting your reputation throughout the life of your practice. If for any reason a conflict does escalate into a claim, our in-house medical malpractice attorneys are assigned to it within 24 hours of notice. The speed at which this process occurs, coupled with the peer-to-peer attorney relationship, allows us to resolve claims faster. By reducing the time spent on non-meritorious claims, you can focus on what really matters – your patients. Ready to sign up for a policy?

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Capson helps physicians save on medical malpractice insurance by streamlining the underwriting and enrollment process. Our unique approach allows us to extend dramatic savings to physicians without compromising service in the process.

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You have better things to do than fill out paperwork. Contact us to complete the enrollment process in just a few minutes and obtain full coverage within 48 hours, rather than the standard two weeks.

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With Capson, extraordinary service is the standard, not the exception. From the moment you contact our team to discuss your medical malpractice insurance needs, our people, processes, and technology will deliver an incomparable experience.