Group Malpractice Insurance


Group Malpractice Insurance

Is your group of physicians overpaying for medical malpractice insurance? Individual policies work great for physicians practicing medicine by themselves, or for Licensed Professionals that don't have their own business to care for. But, if you're worrying about an entire private practice and need to get your staff covered, Capson can help. We aim to provide premiums up to 25% lower than other carriers. This can help with the cost of getting coverage for the healthcare providers that are working under you.

Stop waiting and get a group malpractice insurance quote now.

So, why choose a group policy over many individual ones? Here are a few reasons: 

  • As your group grows and physicians retire, the practice itself will be in control of how the tail coverage is handled for all physicians. This makes things much easier should a claim happen after a physician has left. The practice won’t be at the mercy of whether or not that physician purchased tail coverage on their individual policy or maintained a claims-made policy with consistent prior-acts coverage.
  • With a group policy, there will be one renewal date to worry about, instead of multiple dates.
  • Depending on how the policy is structured, you can easily add or remove physicians as the groups’ needs change.
  • The administrator/physicians will only have to deal with one company should there be questions or concerns about the policy or making changes.
  • Negotiating power. You have the potential to get a better rate with one large group policy, than trying to negotiate 10 different individual policies. 


Your Group Malpractice Insurance Coverage

Signing on for Capson's group malpractice coverage can help you cover a range of costs. This can include:
  • Attorney fees
  • Medical damages
  • Compensatory and punitive damages
  • Arbitration and settlement costs
  • Court costs

A perk of signing up with Capson includes a dedicated team of underwriters and account managers. Together, these team members can help answer any questions about your group's malpractice coverage. Our early conflict resolution program can also stop major issues from turning into claims, helping to protect your entire group. This lets you focus on maintaining the integrity of your practice and its patients.



As a practicing physician or surgeon, you must protect yourself with malpractice insurance. But have you thought about the risks facing your employees?

Capson provides malpractice insurance for physician assistants, physical therapists, and more of your support staff. You can extend your group coverage to support your healthcare providers. This makes them eligible for malpractice insurance while they provide services under your supervision.

Physician assistants and other health care providers can qualify for many types of malpractice insurance. More than likely, you will need to pursue either a claims-made or an occurrence policy for them.




You’ll experience prompt, thorough customer service the moment you contact our team. We'll be with you every step of the way to discuss your group malpractice insurance needs.



Capson can help your group choose the type of malpractice insurance best suited to your practice. We can navigate the differences between claims-made, claims-paid, occurrence, and customize a plan for your group malpractice insurance needs.



Capson’s early conflict resolution program helps prevent conflicts from escalating into claims. If a claim does occur, our in-house medical malpractice attorneys are assigned to it within 24 hours of notification. We also close non-meritorious claims 83% faster than the industry average*, allowing your group’s physicians to focus on patient care.

*Represents 2012 Industry Data vs. 2015 Capson data.



Don’t waste your time on 15-page pen-and-paper applications. Capson has gotten rid of unnecessary application steps making it easy to get started or switch providers. We can give your group practice a quote in minutes and customized coverage within 48 hours (rather than the industry standard 2 weeks).

"The Patient Impact survey is invaluable. Knowing what patients think of the care we’re providing helps make me better."



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