Nancy Neighbors, M.D.

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We are leaders in Loss Prevention and Physician Brand Protection. As a physician, your reputation is your brand. Navigating the new healthcare industry landscape is challenging, but if your practice has a sound strategy and a dedicated partner focused on improving outcomes and patient experience, you can gain a measurable advantage. This competitive edge can reduce the risk of patient conflict, brand threats and often prevent lawsuits from occurring in the first place.

The three most important rules in a robust loss prevention and brand protection strategy are: communicate, communicate, communicate. Capson members participate in our advanced feedback protocol that focuses on brand and reputation management, risk mitigation and patient communication. It consists of our communication and survey platform powered by Press Ganey, the leader in patient satisfaction measurement, that gives your patients a voice and leading-edge online reputation and management tools.

All of these services are included at no additional charge to our members.

The PatientImpact survey is invaluable. Knowing what patients think of the care we’re providing helps make me better.

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Contact a Capson Advisor to learn more about our signature PatientImpact program and how we can help you safeguard your reputation – and prevent complaints from escalating into claims in the first place.