Capson Physicians Insurance Company (“CPIC”) is committed to respecting and maintaining the privacy of our applicants and insureds.Information that you provide to us will be handled in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

The CPIC website is intended for our customers and visitors who reside in or are domiciled in the United States.  CPIC does not knowingly solicit business from outside the United States or from any jurisdiction within the United States where CPIC does not hold a license from the jurisdiction’s department of insurance.

CPIC may collect certain information in connection with your use of this site, including your name, address, telephone number, fax number, email address, credit card number, social security number and information about your training, credentials, practice areas, license status, and any claims previously instituted against you by patients or licensing bodies and your payment records. In addition, we must sometimes ask our customers for medical information protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). In particular, any claims made against you in the past or future may require that CPIC review medical information to provide claims service. Some of this information may be covered by HIPAA. Our policies include provisions that confirm we will keep the protected information confidential as required by HIPAA. This is referred to as a “Business Associate Agreement,” which simply means that persons sharing protected information in the course of authorized business will do so in compliance with the requirements of HIPAA. This endorsement does not change your insurance coverage.

Our web servers may collect user information including internet protocol address and name of the domain used to access the CPIC website and the referring URL. CPIC may use this information to assemble statistics about users, sales, traffic patterns and services. CPIC may provide these statistics to third parties who will analyze the information and help provide online products and services. Any statistical information shared with third parties will not include personal information, except as provided below.

The CPIC web server uses web cookies to improve your interaction with the CPIC website and to help CPIC improve user experience. CPIC uses cookies to measure behavior on the CPIC website for usability purposes and to save choices made on some pages. The cookies used on the CPIC website do not identify you personally. Unless you choose to identify yourself voluntarily, they merely recognize your browser. There may be times when you choose to identify yourself to CPIC by requesting a quote or by requesting more information on a service. Otherwise you remain anonymous.

The types of information listed above may not include all of the types of information CPIC will collect. It may be necessary for CPIC to provide this information with CPIC’s affiliated companies, contractors, or third parties for the purpose of fulfilling your requests and insurance needs. Nevertheless, CPIC will not intentionally disclose any information of a confidential or sensitive nature unless you authorize us to disclose such information or we are required to disclose the information pursuant to lawful requests from courts, regulatory and law enforcement authorities.

CPIC may send emails to you from time to time with information that we think may be of interest to you. For example, the emails may include information about our services or offerings from affiliates or third parties. The emails will include instructions for you to "opt-out" of receiving any further emails. When you provide CPIC with your name or email address on our website, you are giving us permission to connect with you via email and/or social media.

The CPIC website uses encryption and authentication tools (such as a username and password). To the extent you provide or access information on CPIC’s system through the use of a password, we encourage you to keep your password confidential and secure, as we cannot be responsible for acts resulting from the unauthorized use of your password.

By utilizing this site, you agree to the terms and conditions of this privacy statement and authorize CPIC to collect information about you as outlined above and to use the information for CPIC’s internal needs relating to your application for coverage or policies of insurance with CPIC. In addition, by using this site, you agree to hold CPIC harmless for any liability or damage arising from disclosure of confidential information gathered by CPIC in connection with your use of this site INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION ALL LIABILITIES, OBLIGATIONS, CLAIMS AND COSTS ARISING OUT OF ANY NEGLIGENCE ON THE PART OF CPIC, IT BEING EXPRESSLY AGREED AND UNDERSTOOD THAT you are AGREEING TO INDEMNIFY CPIC FROM CLAIMS ARISING OUT OF CPIC’S OWN NEGLIGENCE.

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