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What Makes Capson Special?

Posted by Capson Team on 10/2/18 5:06 PM

Capson Can Save You Up To 25% on Medical Malpractice InsuranceOur Strategy

Capson is unique in that we are founded on the principle of measurably caring for our members – not only do we care about what you do as a physician, we also care who you are as an individual.

There was a time when simply purchasing medical malpractice insurance was sufficient to protect your practice. However, the landscape has changed dramatically while insurance has become a commodity. 

With patients demanding more communication, transparency and the availability of more media to critique and disparage your practice, you’re now more vulnerable than ever.

You need a company that not only shields your practice from costly and time-consuming litigation, but one that;

  • Pools you with other low risk members and reduces cost
  • Proactively limits your exposure to attacks on your character and brand
  • Provides an in-house team of medical malpractice claims attorneys reducing loss and time-consuming distractions to your practice

Unlike most large medical malpractice insurers, Capson specializes in solo physicians and small private practices. Many doctors in today's litigious age are leaving their private practices in search of hospital work. Unlike private practices, hospitals can offer stronger blanket protection (with higher risks and higher premiums) against malpractice claims. With hospitals, doctors are not individually responsible for costs.

Thus, physicians sacrifice the freedom they gain from their private practices by becoming employees of a hospital. Though some doctors prefer this work environment, others do not and primarily do it to have quality medical malpractice insurance coverage. Capson specializes in providing protection to private practices in order to protect doctors with affordable coverage and still have the advantage of in-house claims attorneys – all while facilitating physicians to work in the environment they choose.

Our Application Process

Our application process is selective— The Capson principle of caring amplifies our ability to deliver extraordinary protection for our member physicians, whether named in a suit or not. Once you become a Capson member, you join like-minded professionals who have lower risk profiles because you’re selected based on who you are and not just what you do. The physicians we partner with are not only highly skilled in the practice of medicine, they also possess outstanding character, integrity and genuinely care about others.

This approach is more than just philosophical, it features quantifiable economic advantages. Our exclusive membership criteria and predictive approach allows us to protect physicians at the lowest possible cost, resulting in an average savings of 25%.

2018_BLOG-What-Makes-Capson-Special_SideWhy Having Attorneys From the Start is Important

If your heart stops, you want a cardiac surgeon. If you get sued, you want an attorney, not a claims adjuster. Seems logical and straight forward, right? Unfortunately, most carriers begin the process with a claims adjuster who will take time to decide whether or not your case warrants the support of a qualified attorney.

At Capson, we provide better coverage than our competitors, with a distinct difference. As part of our Physician Protection Program, your case is assigned to an in-house medical malpractice attorney from the beginning. The advantage to having access to an attorney right away means non-meritorious and frivolous claims are resolved significantly faster than the industry average, thereby reducing costs, hassles and time-consuming distractions to your practice.

The Capson Difference

In closing, your brand’s reputation is largely determined by who you partner with. Choose Capson and you’ll partner with a company that is dedicated to protecting physicians and their practices. Most importantly, Capson starts with caring people -- people committed to physicians with the same quality of care you provide your patients and your community.

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