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What Makes Capson Special?

Posted by Capson Team on Oct 02 2018 22:06 | Tags: About Capson, Medical Malpractice Insurance
Capson Can Save You Up To 25% on Medical Malpractice Insurance

Our Strategy

Capson is unique in that we are founded on the principle of measurably caring for our members – not only do we care about what you do as a physician, we also care who you are as an individual.

There was a time when simply purchasing medical malpractice insurance was sufficient to protect your practice. However, the landscape has changed dramatically while insurance has become a commodity. 

With patients demanding more communication, transparency and the availability of more media to critique...

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Capson Partnerships Growing to Accommodate Physician Medical Malpractice Needs

Posted by Capson Team on Oct 17 2017 20:13 | Tags: About Capson, Medical Malpractice Insurance

Capson Physicians Insurance continues to expand its partnerships by offering medical malpractice policies in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas by Farmers agents and will be issued by Granite State Insurance Company (GSIC), a member company of American International Group (AIG), an A rated insurer by A.M. Best.

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