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Your OB/GYN Practice: The Good, The Bad, The Nightmare

Posted by Capson Team on Jul 03 2018 15:53 | Tags: Healthcare News, OB/GYNs, Physician Protection Program

My name is Dr. Jay Staub and I am an Obstetrician & Gynecologist in Dallas, Texas. I have been practicing medicine since 1983 and I love what I do. That’s not to say my chosen profession is not without “good days” and “bad days”. Actually, when you have been in practice as long as I have, there are “great days” and others (though few) that can best be described as a “living nightmare”.

Let me explain. I get to lend a hand and bear witness to the miracle of life with all its fragility and sometimes frailty...

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The U.S. Ebola Panic - An Interview with Jay Staub, Capson Medical Director

Posted by Capson Team on Dec 15 2014 22:32 | Tags: Healthcare News

The world may be racing to find a cure for Ebola, but in the meantime, healthcare providers have found a cure for the panic that’s ensuing. Unfortunately, most of the U.S. isn’t paying any attention to it. 

Due to the high levels of news coverage, we’re all aware of the recent outbreak in the United States, including the most public cases. Between the death of Thomas Duncan, the successful treatment of his two Dallas Presbyterian nurses, and the attention on doctors returning from philanthropic efforts in...

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What the Affordable Care Act Means for Your Practice: Implications and Best Practices

Posted by Capson Team on May 26 2013 04:30 | Tags: Healthcare News

As more changes resulting from the Affordable Care Act come into effect, the face of private medical practices is changing. One of the most notable changes is the decline in the number of privately owned practices, which is the result of higher costs, lower reimbursements, and new government regulations. There is also the inherent challenge of providing quality care through Pay for Performance measures. However, it is possible to succeed under the Affordable Care Act by better understanding, and...

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