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Capson Medical Malpractice Insurance Now Available in Alaska, Arizona, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri and Nevada

Posted by Capson Team on 3/8/11 11:44 AM

Capson brings lower cost, less hassle physicians insurance to six new states

AUSTIN, TX, March 8, 2011 — Capson Physicians Insurance Company ( today announced it is licensed to underwrite in six additional states: Alaska, Arizona, Louisiana, Indiana, Missouri and Nevada. Capson's new standard of medical malpractice protection is now available to healthcare providers in a total of 18 states. Capson, which launched late last year with investors including BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners, L.P. and Beazley Investments Ltd., simplifies the process of acquiring medical malpractice coverage through a unique, user-friendly, online model that results in savings of up to 20 percent. Physicians can now purchase a policy within ten minutes, without any compromise in coverage.

"Capson does more than just reduce the hassle and cost of med mal insurance for physicians: Capson is delivering a new standard of protection, which starts with helping to prevent conflicts in the first place by improving the patient-physician relationship," said Capson founder Maury Magids, former president of American Physicians Insurance Company (API). "By creating an ongoing dialogue between patients and their physicians, we believe we can get one step closer to fixing the fundamentally flawed medical malpractice industry to better serve both doctors and their patients."

To facilitate this dialogue, Capson offers its members CapsonCareTM, which includes an iPad® pre-loaded with Capon's patient satisfaction app. Through immediate, in-office patient feedback, CapsonCare drives higher patient satisfaction, loyalty and retention. Furthermore, in the instance of a claim, Capson works to drive resolution by using only in-house medical malpractice defense attorneys rather than traditional claim adjusters.

"Capson members are receiving med mal protection that is not only more affordable but more robust and purposeful. In addition, we believe CapsonCare can help physicians add value to their practices by letting patients feel heard," Magids said. "By modernizing the quoting, application and underwriting processes, Capson frees up doctors to spend more time on what really matters: their patients."

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Capson is delivering a new standard of medical malpractice protection. Capson dramatically reduces the hassle and cost of buying med mal insurance, saving physicians up to 20 percent on their premiums. Better still, Capson helps physicians mitigate conflict by creating a dialog with their patients through the CapsonCare™ patient satisfaction program. If a claim does occur, Capson goes beyond processing the claim, using in-house med mal attorneys—rather than adjusters—to drive earlier resolution. And in the event of a lawsuit, Capson aggressively defends physicians with top-rated defense counsel across the country. Capson is based out of Austin, TX, and is on the web at

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