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Can the iPad® Help Strengthen Patient-Physician Relationships? Austin-Based Capson Says "Yes"

Posted by Capson Team on 12/7/10 11:16 AM


CapsonCareTM uses iPads, tablets to gather patient feedback, potentially reducing medical malpractice claims

AUSTIN, TX, Dec. 7, 2010 — Capson Physicians Insurance Company (Capson; a medical malpractice insurance provider, today announced the launch of CapsonCareTM, a sophisticated patient satisfaction program designed to facilitate stronger physician-patient relationships. By gathering feedback from patients via electronic surveys on iPads and other mobile devices immediately following a patient's visit, CapsonCare can proactively mitigate the risk of potential claims and help providers address operational inefficiencies and patient concerns that previously went unheard.

"CapsonCare is a useful tool for obtaining meaningful and honest feedback from patients," said Kalyn Stelwagen, Patient Operations Manager, Austin Area Obstetrics, Gynecology and Fertility. "With minimal interruption to our patients and the workflow in our office, CapsonCare is able to show our patients that their opinions matter and that our doctors and staff care about providing them with the most positive experience possible."

CapsonCare uses technology to increase efficiency for healthcare providers by allowing physicians to adapt their approach and address patient complaints immediately. Beyond potentially reducing the likelihood of a potential medical malpractice claim, CapsonCare can help healthcare providers reduce patient turnover and increase loyalty while further differentiating their practice. For a demo, click here.
"With an emphasis on patient satisfaction, which limits risk and improves the quality of care, CapsonCare can strengthen the patient-physician relationship. The high costs and demands on today's physicians have shifted the way they do business, putting both patients and physicians at a disadvantage," said Capson Founder Maury Magids. "By aggregating patient feedback, CapsonCare can assist physicians in reconciling the gap between how they feel they are doing and how their patients feel they are doing."

For a low monthly subscription, CapsonCare is available to physicians as an addition to Capson's medical malpractice insurance coverage. It is also available to physicians nationwide as a standalone service at a higher rate. The subscription includes an iPad or similar tablet computer and CapsonCare software. Capson Physicians Insurance is currently available in Alabama, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Texas.

About Capson
Capson is a new medical malpractice insurance provider challenging the status quo by offering innovative products and services to help healthcare providers run their practices more profitably and increase patient satisfaction. Capson helps physicians realize significant savings in time and cost on their med mal insurance by using a direct, online purchase model. The company makes acquiring and purchasing coverage easy by streamlining the many inefficiencies of traditional med mal providers. Through CapsonCare, a sophisticated patient satisfaction program, physicians can potentially lower the number of medical malpractice claims filed by addressing
patient concerns and strengthening the relationship between physician and patient. Capson is based out of Austin, TX. For more information, visit

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