Medical Malpractice Insurance for Physicians










Aerospace Medicine No Surgery

Allergy and Immunology No Surgery

Anesthesiology Major Surgery

Cardiology Minor Surgery

Cardiology No Surgery

Cardiovascular Surgery Major Surgery

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Surgery (not currently writing solo policies)

Child Neurology No Surgery

Child Psychiatry No Surgery

Colon and Rectal Surgery Major Surgery

Critical Care Minor Surgery

Dermatology Minor Surgery

Dermatology No Surgery

Emergency Medicine Minor Surgery

Endocrinology No Surgery

Endocrinology Surgery

Family Practice Minor Surgery

Family Practice No Surgery

Forensic Medicine No Surgery

Gastroenterology Major Surgery

Gastroenterology Minor Surgery

Gastroenterology No Surgery

General Practice Minor Surgery

General Practice No Surgery

General Surgery Major Surgery without Bariatrics

Geriatrics Minor Surgery

Geriatrics No Surgery

Gynecology Major Surgery

Gynecology Minor Surgery

Gynecology No Surgery

Hand Surgery Major Surgery

Hematology Minor Surgery

Hematology No Surgery

Hematology-Oncology No Surgery

Hospitalist No Surgery

Hyperbaric Medicine No Surgery

Infectious Diseases Minor Surgery

Infectious Diseases No Surgery

Intensive Care Medicine Minor Surgery

Internal Medicine Minor Surgery

Internal Medicine No Surgery

Laryngology Major Surgery

Laryngology Minor Surgery

Laryngology No Surgery

Neonatology Major Surgery

Neonatology Minor Surgery

Neonatology No Surgery

Neoplastic Diseases Major Surgery

Neoplastic Diseases Minor Surgery

Neoplastic Diseases No Surgery

Nephrology Minor Surgery

Nephrology No Surgery

Neurological Surgery Major Surgery

Neurology Minor Surgery

Neurology No Surgery

Nuclear Medicine No Surgery

Nurse Midwife - Births Surgery (not currently writing solo policies)

Nurse Midwife - No Births No Surgery (not currently writing solo policies)

Nurse Practitioner No Surgery (not currently writing solo policies)

Obstetrics and Gynecology Major Surgery

Occupational Medicine No Surgery

Oncology Minor Surgery

Oncology No Surgery

Ophthalmology No Surgery

Ophthalmology Surgery

Orthopedic Major Surgery including Spine

Orthopedic Major Surgery No Spine

Orthopedic No Surgery

Otorhinolaryngology Major Surgery

Otorhinolaryngology Major Surgery w/Plastic

Otorhinolaryngology Minor Surgery

Otorhinolaryngology No Surgery

Pain Management Minor Surgery

Pain Management No Surgery

Pathology Minor Surgery

Pathology No Surgery

Pediatrics Minor Surgery

Pediatrics No Surgery

Perinatology No Surgery

Physiatry No Surgery

Physical Medicine No Surgery

Physical Therapist No Surgery (not currently writing solo policies)

Physician Assistant No Surgery (not currently writing solo policies)

Plastic Surgery Major Surgery

Podiatry No Surgery

Podiatry Surgery

Preventive No Surgery

Psychiatry (Shock Therapy) No Surgery

Psychiatry No Surgery

Pulmonary Disease Minor Surgery

Pulmonary Disease No Surgery

Radiation Oncology No Surgery

Radiology Minor Surgery

Radiology No Surgery

Rheumatology No Surgery

Rhinology Major Surgery

Rhinology No Surgery

Thoracic Surgery Major Surgery

Traumatic Surgery Major Surgery

Urgent Care No Surgery

Urology Major Surgery

Urology Minor Surgery

Urology No Surgery

Vascular Surgery Major Surgery

Capson provides coverage for the listed specialties, however coverage for these specialties is subject to vary by state. This list is meant for use as a general guideline, and is not to be regarded as promissory under any circumstances. This list is subject to change. All physicians, regardless of specialty, are subject final approval by Underwriting.