Medical Malpractice Insurance in Washington State: Costs, Statute of Limitations, Requirements & Quotes

Washington Medical Malpractice Laws 

Every state, including Washington, has deadlines—or statute of limitations—for filing medical malpractice lawsuits. The statute of limitations in Washington is 3 years. If the injury is discovered outside the three-year statute of limitations, a claimant has one year from the discovery of the injury to bring suit. As for minors Washington, parents or guardians can either file suit on their child’s behalf or the child can file suit within one year of their 18th birthday.

Washington requires mandatory mediation. Any claim involving health care must go through mediation as dictated by the rules of the Washington Supreme Court. Mediation tolls (delays) the statute of limitations for one year, but does not affect the right to a trial by jury.


Medical Malpractice in Washington: Facts & StatistIcs

  • In 2016, Washington had 28,747 licensed physicians within a population of 7,288,000 residents, equaling 394 physicians for every 100,000 people.
  • Medical malpractice suits in 2015 were 29 per 100,000 residents, with a total payout of $49.1 million. This represents a 23.37% decrease from 2014.
  • In 2015, Washington ranked 11th in medical malpractice lawsuits.
  • According to Medscape, Washington is the 14th best state in which to practice medicine.

Costs, Requirements, and Limitations

Industry Average Cost of a Washington Medical Malpractice Insurance Policy: $8,336
Is Medical Malpractice Insurance Required in Washington? No, but protecting assets is recommended.
Minimum Carrying Requirements in Washington: None, but as mentioned it is highly recommended.
What are the medical malpractice damage caps in Washington? None, which means plaintiffs can pursue larger totals of compensation than in other states.
What is the “statute of limitations” for a medical malpractice complaint? 3 years, Rev. Code of Washington section 4.16.350



Medical Malpractice Insurance in Washington
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