Nandini Kohli, M.D.

Capson Insured



Independent solo physicians and group practices are often overcharged and underserved, lacking access to the discounts and customer service that carriers typically reserve for the larger groups. 


That’s where we come in. You don’t have to settle for overpriced premium and unresponsive customer service. Regardless of your size, Capson will make you a priority –while helping you save up to 25% on comparable, if not broader, coverage.


The medical malpractice insurance industry has typically been slow to embrace change, and the enrollment process is often sluggish and cumbersome. At Capson, we’re taking a modern approach with online enrollment technology that eliminates unnecessary steps and streamlines others. This dramatically lowers our operational costs and allows us to extend savings to you.


We believe in providing you with the lowest premium you qualify for up front. In fact, the immediate savings you receive by becoming a Capson insured often outweigh long-term savings promised by other insurance carriers. We also don’t believe in tribute plans. While other carriers overcharge you on your premium, then “reward” you annually with some of your own money as a “renewal dividend,” Capson offers a true rate with no dividend or retirement program gimmicks.


Request a no-obligation indication today to find out how much you and your medical practice could save.