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Capson Physicians Insurance Company Now Available in Maryland

Posted by Capson Team on 10/24/13 3:30 AM

Capson Physicians Insurance Now in Maryland

Capson brings an innovative, all-inclusive approach to medical malpractice insurance to the State of Maryland

Austin, Texas, October 24, 2013 — Capson Physicians Insurance Company, a national medical malpractice insurer, announced today, it is licensed to underwrite in the State of Maryland. Capson’s innovative, all-inclusive approach to medical malpractice insurance is now available to healthcare providers in a total of 27 states.

“We are excited to bring our unique approach to medical malpractice insurance to the Maryland market. We are committed to delivering significant benefits and savings to healthcare providers in the state,” said Maury Magids, President and Founder of Capson.

Capson was founded by a group of seasoned medical malpractice insurance executives and attorneys. Through their collective experience, they observed that most medical malpractice insurance carriers were unable to implement changes to address the challenges and risks facing today’s healthcare providers. Capson takes a fresh approach to provide healthcare providers with cost-sensitive solutions and services that protect and improve their practices.

Capson provides the following as part of coverage:

QuickClick Technology™ 
QuickClick Technology is all about driving down physician’s premium through the use of our comprehensive, physician-friendly technology that lets physicians customize and acquire their insurance in a matter of minutes. Our technology and streamlined processes have dramatically reduced our operating costs – saving physicians thousands in time and premium, while actually enhancing their protection.

StatResponse to Claims™

Our proactive StatResponse to Claims utilizes our in-house medical malpractice attorneys from the start, immediately responding to all claims, including those that should never have been filed in the first place. This common sense approach ensures physicians are not distracted from their practice and reduces defense costs hidden in their premium today.

PatientImpact Program
The PatientImpact Program gives our insureds access to an informative PatientImpact resource website, along with an easy-to-use online Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) compliant patient satisfaction survey and reporting tool. It’s just another common sense way we help our insureds elevate their protection and reputation.

About Capson Physicians Insurance Company

Capson Physicians Insurance Company is changing the way physicians think about, and purchase medical malpractice insurance. The result? Lower medical malpractice insurance premiums, better coverage, quicker claims resolution and a remarkably better experience for physicians. We are committed to providing healthcare providers with the support they need to help their patients and practices succeed. For more information, visit