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How to Start a Successful Private Practice with Steps & More

Posted by Capson Team on Jun 21 2018 21:21 | Tags: Best Practices

What is a Private Practice and Why do Doctors Start Them?

A private practice is an independent organization created by a medical professional with the intent of helping people with issues about health, mental wellness, diet & lifestyle, and more. Starting a medical practice is just like starting any other small business – give or take some paperwork. And the possibility of getting it right the first time is low. Without the experience, knowledge, resources, and an understanding of what questions to even...

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Do EHRs and EMRs Waste Time?


Our recent guide about how EHRs and EMRs can increase your malpractice risk came with a slew of opinions on the subject. Your voices were heard and we've looked deeper into the problem with these systems.

With the implementation of EMRs and EHRs, doctors are spending more of their time typing symptoms onto a tablet instead of actually speaking and looking at the patient in front of them. Physicians all over the country, including our facebook followers, have expressed their disdain for the systems. They...

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Suit Up or Scrub Down? How What You’re Wearing Impacts Patient Perception

Posted by Capson Team on Jan 09 2018 16:00 | Tags: Best Practices

In clinics across the country, physician attire is undergoing a shift. While not the most important decision in a busy day, for physicians, dressing for the job can affect how peers and patients perceive them. One doctor’s authoritative white coat is another doctor’s symbol of stuffy formality.


Humans are wired to make judgments within seconds of meeting someone. It’s an unconscious, but powerful reaction. In fact, Nicholas Rule, a researcher at the University of Toronto,...

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Posted by Capson Team on Dec 28 2017 20:46 | Tags: Medical Malpractice Claim Prevention, Best Practices

Bedside Manner Meaning & What Good Bedside Manner Looks Like


Have any of your patients complained that a previous doctor was insensitive, or mentioned that another physician rushed them along? Have you ever been personally faced with an unsavory online review?

If so, you’re not alone. When patients have an unsatisfactory experience with a physician or practice, they’re not staying silent. They’re speaking out on sites such as Yelp, Healthgrades, Vitals, and RateMDs. Alas, it’s not all positive feedback. ...

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Social Media for Doctors & Physicians - Why to Rethink | Capson

Posted by Capson Team on Sep 06 2017 14:00 | Tags: Best Practices, Patient-Centric Care

Why to Rethink Social Media for Doctors & Physicians

Physicians are some of the busiest people on the planet, right? So, for medical doctors putting time into social media is just not feasible. Or is it?

Read more about social media for doctor's offices and social media for physicians on an individual level:

Social media for doctors is a new territory of healthcare that changes every day. Physicians, in many cases, have opted out of the traditional social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and...

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