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Selecting and Implementing a New EHR System

Posted by Capson Team on Sep 7, 2013 5:26:00 PM

With Electronic Health Records, you will be able to bring your practice into the modern age and also be able to tap into meaningful use incentives from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). If you are in search of a new system or an upgrade for your practice, follow these strategies to ensure that your practice is equipped with a system tuned to your specific needs.


Choose a reputable vendor

Shopping for an EHR system begins with contacting a vendor, and you should work with a vendor that is stable in the marketplace. A vendor with significant market presence will be able to offer payment plans that follow inventive payments based on performance goals.

Participate in a test run

Before selecting a new or upgraded EHR system, you should specify your practice’s specific needs to the vendor. You can test run a given EHR system by offering the vendor scenarios from real patient and office situations to get more accurate demonstrations of the product tuned to your practice’s needs.

Compare legal counseling and medical association costs

Contract reviews for EHR systems can be complex, so they may require legal counsel. However, open source medical associations are also available to assist in this step of integration, so you might consider legal costs versus the time required to access open source materials.

Understand integration with other products in your practice

The existing technology in your practice should be a factor when selecting an EHR system, as some may integrate more consistently than others. Systems such as billing software and practice management will need to connect to a new EHR, so provide your vendor with the details of your practice’s current technology and software to narrow your product selections.

EHR systems and other technologies can keep your practice competitive and current. For additional cost saving initiatives consult Capson Physicians Insurance Company. You can reach us on our website to review our innovative approach to medical malpractice insurance that can save you thousands in time and premium.

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