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What are Patient Compensation Funds?

Posted by Capson Team on Nov 29 2018 14:16 | Tags: Patient-Centric Care
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 Patient compensation funds (PCFs) refer to programs in 9 states that cover the excess costs of a medical malpractice claim. If, for example, a medical practitioner has $100,000 of malpractice coverage, faces a $300,000 claim, and is a member of their state's PCF, the state will cover the costs above what insurance pays. Think of it as extra malpractice insurance above and beyond a regular insurer.

In most states, patient compensation funds are maintained through surcharges that eligible physicians submit...

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What is Post Hospital Syndrome?

Posted by Capson Team on Nov 16 2018 22:18 | Tags: Patient-Centric Care
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Post hospital syndrome refers to the period of heightened risk for patients recently discharged from a hospital. Patients face a recovery period for the acute illness for which they were hospitalized, and face difficulties from the allostatic and physiological stress resulting from a hospital stay.

When discharged, a patient's physiological systems are impaired, reserves are depleted, and often, the body cannot effectively respond to health threats. More than a third of all patients discharged from the...

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How to Work with Birth Plans

Posted by Capson Team on Oct 23 2018 23:39 | Tags: Healthcare Trends, OB/GYNs
How to Work with Birth Plans

Birth plans are documents that expectant mothers can prepare to explain their preferences to their medical caretakers. These plans can outline what mothers want for various aspects of the birth process, such as pain management and labor positions.

Birth plans are designed to help parents think through the various aspects of the birth process before labor begins. This pushes them to understand various procedures and what can go wrong, helping them become emotionally and psychologically ready. It also...

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Should Doctors Outsource Their Marketing?

Posted by Capson Team on Sep 06 2018 17:50 | Tags: Healthcare Trends

Outsourcing, the strategy of contracting out tasks to external professionals, is growing more prominent everywhere in the market. Once, outsourcing was limited to things like call centers and database management. Over the last fifteen years, however, other activities such as marketing are being outsourced. The healthcare industry is no exception.

Healthcare marketing itself is a relatively recent field. It rose to prominence in the 1970s, long after other sectors began to aggressively use marketing. This...

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What is Physician Burnout?

Posted by Capson Team on Aug 17 2018 16:57 | Tags: Work Life Balance
Physician Burnout

A growing crisis in the 21st century is physician burnout. According to research, 1 in every 3 physicians are burnt out at any one time. It is natural that this high-risk specialty leads to high stress; however, being able to "recharge" after shifts and on weekends is vital to maintaining mental health and career satisfaction.

Doctors who are unable to do this suffer from burnout, meaning they are physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted.

Long hours and extra shifts, not to mention the pace of...

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