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What is Physician Burnout?

Posted by Capson Team on Aug 17 2018 16:57 | Tags: Work Life Balance
Physician Burnout

A growing crisis in the 21st century is physician burnout. According to research, 1 in every 3 physicians are burnt out at any one time. It is natural that this high-risk specialty leads to high stress; however, being able to "recharge" after shifts and on weekends is vital to maintaining mental health and career satisfaction.

Doctors who are unable to do this suffer from burnout, meaning they are physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted.

Long hours and extra shifts, not to mention the pace of...

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How to Start a Successful Private Practice with Steps & More

Posted by Capson Team on Jun 21 2018 21:21 | Tags: Best Practices

What is a Private Practice and Why do Doctors Start Them?

A private practice is an independent organization created by a medical professional with the intent of helping people with issues about health, mental wellness, diet & lifestyle, and more. Starting a medical practice is just like starting any other small business – give or take some paperwork. And the possibility of getting it right the first time is low. Without the experience, knowledge, resources, and an understanding of what questions to even...

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5 Things You Need To Do After Completing Your Residency

Posted by Capson Team on Apr 18 2018 15:22 | Tags: Residents
5 Things You Should Do After Completing Residency

You’ve finished your residency and are ready to start practicing medicine as an MD. Learn about five important decisions you will need to make before you can begin practicing as a doctor.

1. Deciding Where You’re Going to Practice

The first thing you’ll need to decide is whether to go into privatepractice, become part of an existing one, or join the staff of a hospital. As with any major decision, each choice has pros and cons. Do you want to be your own boss or an employee in a hospital?

 Do you want to...

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Do EHRs and EMRs Waste Time?


Our recent guide about how EHRs and EMRs can increase your malpractice risk came with a slew of opinions on the subject. Your voices were heard and we've looked deeper into the problem with these systems.

With the implementation of EMRs and EHRs, doctors are spending more of their time typing symptoms onto a tablet instead of actually speaking and looking at the patient in front of them. Physicians all over the country, including our facebook followers, have expressed their disdain for the systems. They...

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Should You Start Your Own Practice or Join a Hospital Group?

Posted by Capson Team on Mar 15 2018 13:35 | Tags: Healthcare Trends
Should You Start Your Own Practice?

At some point, you’ll be confronted by the one decision all physicians must make -- should you start your own practice or join the staff of a hospital? In other words, do you want to be your own boss and be an entrepreneur, or become an employee of a large corporation? As with any decision, there are pros and cons for both choices.

It’s interesting to note that the trend has started shifting from physicians owning their practice to becoming employees. In fact, a 2017 study conducted by the AMA revealed...

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