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Altering and Falsifying Medical Records

Posted by Capson Team on Mar 26 2019 15:33 | Tags: Best Practices
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Altering or even falsifying medical records is a dangerous crime with serious implications. With the emergence of electronic health records (EHRs), falsifying records is more difficult than ever. However, alteration and falsification are still active dangers, especially in issues of potential malpractice when doctors or other healthcare workers want to cover up negligence.


Alteration is more likely to occur than falsification, as it just requires changing parts of a record. However, this is...

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All You Need to Know About the Texas Medical Records Privacy Act

Posted by Capson Team on Mar 14 2019 15:13 | Tags: Best Practices
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The Texas Medical Records Privacy Act, also known as Texas House Bill 300, passed in 2011 and was put into effect in late 2012. The purpose of this law was to ramp up protection for patients in Texas. It aimed to work in conjunction with federal HIPAA privacy protections to ensure that patients' medical records are as safeguarded as possible. This bill added new levels and restrictions to the existing protections.

The Texas Medical Records Privacy Act focuses on the storage and treatment of consumers'...

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Different Types of Hospitals

Posted by Capson Team on Feb 04 2019 15:22 | Tags: Healthcare Trends
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In the healthcare ecosystem, there are many different types of institutions that provide care to patients. We are going to use varied criteria to categorize the types of hospitals.

Table of Contents:

  1. Functionality
  2. Ownership
  3. Goal
  4. Network
  5. Size
  6. Community
  7. Location


General — A general hospital is equipped to handle the health needs of the general surrounding community, including common surgeries and illnesses.

Teaching — Teaching hospitals are often located within university systems or...

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What Are Medical Deserts?

Posted by Capson Team on Jan 16 2019 17:16 | Tags: Healthcare News
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Medical deserts are inhabited areas more than 60 minutes away from properly-equipped hospitals. As more and more hospitals shut down, medical deserts are becoming more common. Most of the U.S. can reach trauma care in less than an hour, but almost 30 million people are stranded in a medical desert.

This has disastrous consequences. Medical emergencies like heart attacks and strokes require quick treatment. Time counts in these situations, with brain cells dying every minute that treatment is delayed.


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Drug Diversion in Healthcare

Posted by Capson Team on Dec 11 2018 17:34 | Tags: Healthcare News
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Drug diversion refers to the illicit use or abuse of prescription drugs by someone other than their intended recipient. In healthcare, this means the use of these drugs by healthcare providers, particularly physicians or nurses who have the most access to these substances.

Deemed an "epidemic" by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the rising crisis of prescription substance abuse by healthcare workers should be recognized publicly and nationally. However, due to the amount of power and...

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