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Press Release, Dec. 21, 2010

Capson Medical Malpractice Insurance Now Available in 12 States

Capson Physicians Insurance Company’s unique online purchase model
saves healthcare providers time and money

Capson Medical Malpractice Insurance Now Available in 12 States

Capson Physicians Insurance Company’s unique online purchase model
saves healthcare providers time and money

AUSTIN, TX, Dec. 21, 2010 — Capson Physicians Insurance Company (, a new medical malpractice insurance provider launched in October, today announced its services are available to healthcare providers in 12 states. The company is now licensed to underwrite in Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas and Wisconsin.

“We’re happy to bring Capson’s new online medical malpractice underwriting technology to healthcare providers in a dozen states, and we anticipate being available in nearly 30 markets by early 2011,” said Capson founder Maury Magids. "The costs and demands on healthcare providers today have negatively impacted the way they do business, putting both patients and physicians at a disadvantage. Capson saves physicians time and money, while elevating the level of claims handling service, freeing up physicians to spend more time caring for their patients.”

Capson streamlines the highly manual traditional underwriting process and lets physicians acquire coverage from the insurance company online within minutes. Physicians around the country have experienced savings of up to 20 percent on premiums, through the online application, underwriting and purchase model at Capson's technology-driven efficiency shortens the typical application process from a time-consuming 15-page application to an easy 10-minute online process. In addition, physicians have the ability to consult directly with the Capson management team around the clock.

Capson also offers CapsonCare™, a patient satisfaction program designed to facilitate stronger physician-patient relationships by gathering feedback from patients via iPad® and other mobile devices immediately following a patient’s visit. CapsonCare is available to physicians nationwide with or without insurance from Capson for a low monthly subscription. Subscription includes a tablet computer and CapsonCare software.

About Capson
Capson is a new medical malpractice insurance provider challenging the status quo by offering innovative products and services to help healthcare providers run their practices more profitably and increase patient satisfaction. Capson helps physicians realize significant savings in time and cost on their med mal insurance by using an online purchase model. The company makes acquiring and purchasing coverage easy by streamlining the many inefficiencies of traditional med mal providers. In addition, through CapsonCare™, a sophisticated patient satisfaction program, physicians can potentially lower the number of medical malpractice claims filed by addressing patient concerns and strengthening the relationship between physician and patient. Capson is based out of Austin, TX. For more information, visit

Media Contacts
Buck Krawczyk

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CapsonCare is a trademark of Capson Physicians Insurance Company.

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